Flashing Lights Project.

First i got mr Schintler to Draw where i had to connect the wires with my Soldering Iron.

Then I soldered them together and once i was done it was flashing Blue.

I think I did a really good job and i am very happy with my final product and score!!!


Steady hand game!!

For my steady hand game I based my project on Tweety Bird!!

First I had to make a backbord and print out a picture on Tweety Bird, then I suck it to my backboard.

then got got a Soldering Iron and Solder and soldered wires together, such as a Buzzer, Battery Snap, LED’s, i also used Heat Shrinks!

All over i think a did a good job and i am happy with My score and Final Product!!!


In electronics, my teacher is Mr Schintler. This Term i have learnt how to make a Solar powered lilght, a flashing light, and a steady hand game. For my Sloar powered light and my flashing light I got a 9/10 and for my steady hand game i got a 9 1/2 /10.

My Holidays

Over the holidays I had a great time!! I got to spend a lot of with my with Bella. Bella is my pet lamb who is 6 weeks old, she is pure white because she doesn’t usually sit in dirt, as she comes home with me and doesn’t stay at my grandparents farm like other pet lambs, she sleeps in a dog kennel and wars a blue cat collar. Over the holidays I taught her how to walk on a lead so i can take her walking with her!!

Also I started to read The lord Of The Rings, im going to read at least 200 pages each school holidays, because during school its to busy to concerntrate. All and all I had a great holiday 🙂

My Holidays

YAY!!!!! 🙂 i just got back from holidays! Most people like their holidays but i only sort of like them, one reason is i have to work at my grandparents farm every day because its lamb season, don’t get me wrong lambs are very cute and i love hugging them but after feeding them 4 times a day every day they are verry annoying especially at 11 o’lock at night!! i also like coming back from the holidays as i get to see all my friends again!!! sometimes i get jellous hearing about all my friends holidays and how they got to sleep in as i didn’t get one sleep in all holidays!!!:( Now for my term 2 report!! i am happy with my report as  i did really well in english and the rest of my report is OK!!! 🙂 6


What is a Tableaux?

A Tableaux is a frozen image!

What is exaggeration?

when you make something seem bigger then what it really is! E.G OMG I love your hair it is so amazing

What are four things that an actor can exaggerate?
your voice, your facial expression, your gesture, your movements!

You had to create a T.V ad in a group what did you advertise?

we advertised a home buying place!

What was your catchphrase?

Panda Bay home’s were for you!!

What did you exaggerate?



My Term 1 Report

I am really happy with my report, and I think all the teachers markeed me fairly, as I take pride in all my work! 

The only subjects that I think that I should really start concerntrating on are my Music as I got two Mediums and my Maths as I got one Medium the rest was great as they were all high’s!!

So far this term I think I have done well in making new friands and getting great marks for all my subjects!!